NEESH SOLUTIONS LDA is a business providing high-quality, full service distribution of PPE, speciality in Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transport and other industries throughout the Mozambican market.

Our aim is simple, to protect you and provide you with the products you need to get the job done.
With the latest technical innovation and professional protection products in stock Neesh Solutions safeguards and delivers products in a simple and easy way that gives choice and support to all of our customers. Neesh Solutions delivers products that are sourced from a wide selection of local and international manufacturers, we provide products that are proven to save lives and prevent injury. The products we supply are designed and tested to meet and exceed Mozambique and international standards for safety.

We exist to deliver products that help support major developments, daily operations, retail and distribution and one-off projects. We are here to offer you options and choice when selecting products and we are able to provide recommendations for products to suit your industry,

At Neesh Solutions we are determined and committed to providing an excellent service, delivering a range of products and a level of customer care which is unsurpassed. Neesh Solutions works tirelessly to provide a service and commitment to each and everyone of our clients and we actively promote partnership agreements and establish long term relationships to those we provide our services too. We aim to provide the highest level of customer service, dedication and professionalism to everyone we interact with.

We are pro-active in ensuring that we cater for our customer’s needs, not only in the processing of orders and enquiries but within product development and increasing and reinforcing our range of services. Wherever possible, without compromising the professional standards of our company we strive to reduce the burden of unnecessary paperwork and reduce waste from our operations.